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Opportunity:Volunteer Housing Program- Host Homes

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Agency:Home Start, Inc.

To sign up to learn more about the Host Homes Program, complete a Potential Host Interest Form at:

The Host Homes Program at Home Start is a community and volunteer-based response to youth homelessness. The Hosts who participate in this program are adults who have a spare room in their home and are willing to open their home to youth aged 24 and younger, who are looking for short term housing resources, typically 3-12 months. Hosts receive a monthly stipend and ongoing support while the youth is staying in their home. While living in the Host Home, clients receive several wraparound and supportive services and work with program staff towards self-sufficiency and their long-term employment and educational goals.

Host Eligibility and Expectations

All applicants must:

  1. Have an extra bedroom (providing privacy) for the youth, and access to a bathroom and kitchen

  2. Maintain home safety and house eligibility in program

  3. Be at least 25 years old and have lived in the greater San Diego area for at least one year

  4. Complete the application form, providing any relevant information

  5. Have proof of renter/homeowner’s insurance, providing a file copy if requested

  6. Provide three personal or professional references known for at least two years

  7. Authorize and pass background checks and TB Clearances for all household members ages 18 and over

  8. Allow an in-home inspection and all necessary interviews and training sessions

  9. Maintain regular contact and communication with the Program Coordinator

  10. Commit to hosting youth for anywhere from six-twelve months

  11. Commit to providing 30 day base notice to exit the program or be re-matched

  • In case of emergency or safety concern, youth may be removed within three days.

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United Way of San Diego CountyOur success is measured by the lives we transform: the children who succeed, the families that thrive, the partners that align with us, leveraging resources and expertise to transform the lives of children, young adults, and families in our community and move them forward into a brighter future.

These stories are our commitment to the San Diego County and the challenges we face together: an intern watches a second-grader transform from missing school to setting an attendance record. A volunteer tax-preparer sees a struggling family transform from fearing tax day to looking forward to their EITC refund. A high school student transforms from a teenager with no aspirations into a young person with a future pipelined to a prospering local tech industry.

Change starts small, but UWSD’s goals are big and hopeful: from transforming hundreds of lives to hundreds of thousands of lives in our region.

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